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Papers (journal, peer-reviewed proceedings)   

  • Rohde, M., Scheller, M. & Ernst, M.O. (in press) Effects can precede their cause in thesense of agency. Neuropsychologia. DOI: 10.1016/j.neuropsychologia.2014.10.011.
    full text (restricted access)
  • Rohde, M., van Dam, L.C.J., & Ernst, M.O. (2014) Predictability is necessary for closed-loop visual feedback delay adaptation. Journal of Vision 14(3), 4.
    full text
  • Rohde, M., Greiner, L., & Ernst, M.O. (2014) Asymmetries in visuomotor recalibration of time perception: Does causal binding distort the window of integration? Acta Psychologica 147, 127135.
    pdf (final draft)
  • Rohde, M., Wold, A., Karnath, H.-O., & Ernst, M.O. (2013) The Human Touch: Skin Temperature During the Rubber Hand Illusion in Manual and Automated Stroking Procedures. PLoS ONE 8(11), e80688.
    full text
  • Rohde, M., & Ernst, M.O. (2013) To lead and to lag - forward and backward recalibration of perceived visuo-motor simultaneity. Front Psychology 3, 599.
  • Auvray, M., & Rohde, M. (2012) Perceptual crossing: the simplest online paradigm. Front Hum Neurosci 6, 181.
    full text
  • Lenay, C., Stewart, J., Rohde, M., & Ali Amar, A. (2011) You never fail to surprise me: the hallmark of the Other. Experimental study and simulations of perceptual crossing. Interaction Studies, 12(3), 373-396.
    pdf (final draft)
  • Rohde, M., Di Luca, M., & Ernst, M.O. (2011) The Rubber Hand Illusion: Feeling of Ownership and Proprioceptive Drift Do Not Go Hand in Hand. PLoS ONE, 6(6), e21659.
    full text
  • Rohde, M. (2010) Multisensory Perceptual Discrimination in Evolved Networks and Agents. In: H. Fellermann, M. Dörr, M. Hanczyc, L. Ladegaard Laursen, S. Maurer, D. Merkle, P.-A. Monnard, K. Stoy, & S. Rasmussen (eds.): Proceedings of the 12th international conference on Artificial Life, Odense, Denmark. MIT Press, Cambridge:MA, 607-614.
  • Barandiaran, X., Di Paolo, E.A., & Rohde, M. (2009) Defining Agency: Individuality, Normativity, Asymmetry, and Spatio-temporality in Action. Adaptive Behavior 17(4), 367-386.
  • Editorial. Rohde, M., & Ikegami, T. (2009) Editorial: Agency in Natural and Artificial Systems. Adaptive Behavior 17(5), 363-366.
    pdf (final draft)
  • Commentary. Rohde, M. (2009) No Need for Intellectual Straightjackets. Adaptive Behavior 17(4), 334-337. Reply to Target article by B. Webb.
    pdf (final draft)
  • Rohde, M., & Stewart, J. (2008) Ascriptional and 'Genuine' Autonomy. BioSystems, 91(2), 424-433.
    pdf (final draft)
  • Di Paolo, E.A., Rohde, M., & Iizuka, H. (2008) Sensitivity to social contingency or stability of interaction? Modelling the dynamics of perceptual crossing. New Ideas in Psychology, 26, 278-294.
  • Rohde, M., & Di Paolo, E.A. (2008) Embodiment and Perceptual Crossing in 2D: A Comparative Evolutionary Robotics Study. in: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on the Simulation of Adaptive Behavior SAB 2008, Osaka, Japan. Springer LNCS 5040, 83-92.
  • Rohde, M., & Di Paolo, E.A. (2007) Adaptation to sensory delays. An evolutionary robotics model of an empirical study. in: Proceedings of the 9th European Conference on Artificial life ECAL 2007, Lisbon, Portugal. Springer LNCS 4648, 193-202.
  • Rohde, M., & Di Paolo, E.A. (2005) t for Two. Linear Synergy Advances the Evolution of Directional Pointing Behaviour. In: Proceedings of ECAL 2005. VIIIth European Conference on Artificial Life. 5.-9.9.2005. Canterbury, Kent, UK. Springer LNCS 3630, 262-271.


  • Rohde, M. (2010) Enaction, Embodiment, Evolutionary Robotics. Simulation Models in the Study of Human Cognition. Atlantis Press, Amsterdam, Series: Thinking Machines, Vol. 1.

Book Chapters   

  • Rohde, M. (2013) Evolutionäre Robotik, Organic Computing und Künstliches Leben. In: Stephan, A., & Walter, S. (Eds.) Handbuch Kognitionswissenschaft, Metzler, 180-183.
  • Ernst, M.O., & Rohde, M. (2012) Kapitel 13: Multimodale Objektwahrnehmung. In: Karnath, H.-O., & Thier, H.-P. (Eds.) Kognitive Neurowissenschaften. Springer, Berlin, 139-147.
  • Di Paolo, E.A., Rohde, M., & De Jaegher, H. (2010) Horizons for the Enactive Mind: Values, Social Interaction, and Play. In: Stewart, J., Gapenne, O., & Di Paolo, E.A. (Eds.) Enaction: Towards a New Paradigm for Cognitive Science. MIT Press, Cambridge:MA, 33-88.
    pdf (final draft)

Conference abstracts   

  • Rohde, M., Altan, G. & Ernst, M.O. (2014) Sensorimotor adaptation to delayed visual feedback of the whole field of view. Abstract book, International Multisensory Research Forum IMRF 2014, Amsterdam 11.-14.6.2014.
    pdf (abstract book)
  • Rohde, M., van Dam, L.C.J., & Ernst, M.O. (2014) Adaptation to visual feedback delays in predictable manual tracking recalibrates perceived simultaneity. In: Journal of Vision 14(10): 901. Abstract supplement for the Annual Meeting of the Vision Science Society, VSS 2014.
  • Rohde, M., & Ernst, M.O. (2014) Twists and turns in visuomotor time perception and temporal recalibration. In: A. Vatakis, S. Kotz, R. Ulrich, & H. Van Rijn (Eds.) Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 126, 69-70. Proceedings of the Conference on Timing and Time Perception, Corfu, Greece, 31.3.-3.4.2014.
  • Rohde, M., Greiner, L., & Ernst, M.O. (2013) Asymmetries in visuomotor recalibration of time perception: Causal binding distorts the window of integration. In: Perception 42, ECVP Abstract Supplement, 237.
  • Rohde, M., Scheller, M., & Ernst, M.O. (2012) Temporal constraints on intentional binding and the perception of causality. In: Abstract supplement for the European Conference on Visual Perception ECVP 2012 in Alghero, Italy, 2.-6.9.2012. Perception, 47.
  • Rohde, M., & Ernst, M.O. (2012) Back to the Future: Recalibration of visuomotor simultaneity perception to delayed and advanced visual feedback. in: Journal of Vision, 12: 135. Abstract supplement for the Annual Meeting of the Vision Science Society, VSS 2012.
  • Rohde, M., van Dam, L.C.J., Ernst, M.O. (2010) Seeing ahead - adaptation to delays in visual feedback recalibrates visuo-motor simultaneity perception. European Conference on Visual Perception 2010, Lausanne, Switzerland. Perception 39, ECVP Abstract Supplement, 66.
  • Rohde, M., Di Luca, M., & Ernst, M.O. (2009) The Time Course of Proprioceptive Drift in the Rubber Hand Illusion. Journal of Vision 9(8), 712. Abstract supplement for the Annual Meeting of the Vision Science Society, VSS 2009.
  • Rohde, M., & Di Paolo, E.A. (2008) Evolutionary robotics models in the interdisciplinary study of embodied time perception. In S. Bullock, J. Noble, R. A. Watson, and M. A. Bedau (Eds.) Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Artificial Life, Alife XI, Winchester, UK, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA.
  • Rohde, M., & Di Paolo, E.A. (2006) An Evolutionary Robotics Simulation of Human Minimal Social Interaction. SAB'06 Workshop on Behaviour and Mind as a Complex Adaptive System, Rome, Italy 30.9.2006.
  • Rohde, M., & Di Paolo, E.A. (2006) Evolutionary Robotics and Perceptual Supplementation: Dialogue Between Two Minimalist Approaches. 50th Anniversary of Artificial Intelligence Summit, Ascona, Switzerland 9.-14.7.2006.
    abstract (pdf)


  • D.Phil. Dissertation (2008) Evolutionary Robotics Simulation Models in the Study of Human Behaviour and Cognition. D.Phil. Dissertation, 4.2008 Department of Informatics, University of Sussex.
  • Rohde, M. & Di Paolo, E. (2006) 'Value Signals' and Adaptation: An Exploration in Evolutionary Robotics. Cognitive Science Research Paper 584, Department of Informatics, University of Sussex, 2006.
    abstract, pdf
  • The Cyborg Experiment. Exhibition at the Cheltenham Festival 08.-12.06.2005, with Sarah Angliss, Bill Bigge and Simon McGregor. Lecture 10.6.2005, with Steve Torrance, Jacqueline Griego, Sarah Angliss and Simon McGregor.
    Newspaper article about our work
  • M.Sc. Dissertation: Organisation of Complex Behaviour. A Hierarchical Modular Neural Control Architecture for the Generation of Handwriting Trajectories. M.Sc. Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems, University of Sussex, 2004.
    pdf (without code)
  • Pasemann, F., Zahedi, K., Rohde, M. (2004) Adaptive Behaviour Control by Self-regulating Neurons, MPI-MIS-Preprint 55/2004,2004.
  • B.Sc. Dissertation: Dynamical Properties of Self-Regulating Neurons. B.Sc. Cognitive Science, University of Osnabrück, Germany, 2003.


  • Rohde, M. (2014) Visual feedback delays in perception and action: recalibrating motor control, time perception, and the sense of agency. Presentation at the Alergic seminar, University of Sussex, 22.10.2014.
  • Rohde, M. (2014) Invited speaker for the SFB/TRR 135 workshop Neural representations of sensory predictions for perception and action at the University of Marburg, August, 2014.
  • Rohde, M. (2014) : Adaptation to visual feedback delays in behaviour, time perception, and agency. Invited lecture at the Department of Movement Science, Vrjie Universiteit Amsterdam, 10.6.2014.
  • Rohde, M. (2014) Adaptation to feedback delays and the perception of simultaneity. Talk at the German-Israeli Minerva School on Cognitive Robotics, Berlin, 3.-6.3.2014.
  • Ernst, M.O., & Rohde, M. (2013) Asymmetries in processing and recalibration of visuo-motor time perception. Symposium on Time and Causality, CogSci 2013, Berlin, 30.7.-3.8.2013.
  • Rohde, M. (2013) The perception and negotiation of agency in human dyadic interaction. Workshop on Collective Agency and Cooperation in Natural and Artificial Systems, Stuttgart, 22.-24.7.2013
  • Rohde, M. (2013) Implementing theories of embodiment: Possibilities and dangers. Workshop: Embodiment, Realization and Function, Lausanne, 1.-3.7.2013.
  • Ernst, M.O., & Rohde, M. (2013) Does causal binding affect temporal recalibration? Symposium on temporal recalibration to asynchronous multisensory stimuli. International Multisensory Research Forum IMRF, Jerusalem, 3.-6.6.2013.
  • Rohde, M. (2013) Did I cause this or did you? The perception of self and other in interaction. Seminar: From Perceptual Interaction to Extended Cognition, Technical University of Compiègne, Compiègne, France, 25.1.2013.
  • Rohde, M. (2013) Asymmetries in processing and recalibration of visuo-motor time perception. Multisensory Research Group, University of Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain, 21.1.2013.
  • Rohde, M. (2013) Adaptation to feedback delays in human visuo-motor control. Why agent-environment interaction matters. Retecog Workshop on Interaction, Symposium I: Sensorimotor Interaction. University of Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain, 17.1.2013.
  • Rohde, M. (2011) Using Proprioceptive Drift to Measure the Sense of Body Ownership? Body Perception Seminar, University of Tübingen/Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tübingen, Germany, 21.11.2011.
  • Rohde, M. (2011) Agency enacted and detected - Perspectives from human closed-loop interaction, simulation modelling and constructivist philosophy. Klinikinterne Forschungskonferenz, Zentrum fuer Neurologie und Psychiatrie Uniklinik Köln, Cologne, Germany, 21.4.2011.
  • Rohde, M. (2010) Human recalibration of time perception and robotic size discrimination. Alergic Reading Group: University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, 8.7.2010.
  • Rohde, M. (2010) Before is the new after - Sensorimotor adaptation to visual Feedback Delays Recalibrates Time Perception. Enaction School 2010, Ballykisteen, Tipperary, Ireland, 2.7.2010.
  • Rohde, M. (2009) Perception vs. perceptual experience, the things we don't know we know. 4th Summer School Enaction and Cognitive Science, Cap Hornu, France, 20.7.2009.
  • Rohde, M. (2009) The Perception of Body Ownership: The Rubber Hand Illusion in the Open Loop and in the closed Loop. Workshop: Philosophy of Perception - Being in the World, Tokyo, Japan, 5.5.2009.
  • Rohde, M. (2009) Evolutionary robotics meets human perception: The example of embodied agency detection. Alumni Kolloquium, Osnabrück, Germany, 22.4.2009.
  • Rohde, M. (2007) La robótica evolutiva y el enfoque enactivo en la ciencia cognitiva. Presentation at the Faculty of Sciences of the Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM, 5.10.2007.
  • Rohde, M. (2007) Interplay of empirical and synthetic methods in sensorimotor approaches to cognition. Presentation at the CCNR workshop on "Computational Biology, Robotics, and Related Work" University of Sussex, 13.4.2007.
  • Rohde, M. (2006) Perception Causes Action Causes Perception: From Sensory Substitution to Situated Robots. Taught unit at the NUCOG Seminar on Cognition, Motivation, and Action, Akureyri, Iceland, 10.-20.2.2006.
  • Rohde, M. (2005) Motor Synergies, Talk at the Workshop on the Dynamical Systems approach to Life and Cognition, University of Sussex, 8.-9.3.2005.