Dr. Marieke Rohde

Department of Cognitive Neuroscience
University of Bielefeld
Universitätsstr. 25, W3-246
33615 Bielefeld, Germany

Phone:   +49-521-106 5703
Fax:   +49-521-106 5701
Email: marieke_att_mariekerohde.com
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I currently work as principal investigator of the DFG project ELAPS: Embodied Latency Adaptation and the Perception of Simultaneity. This project investigates human adaptation to visual feedback latencies and how such adaptation alters behaviour and time perception. The work involves experiments on human behaviour as well as control-theoretic and simulated agent modelling.

Other research areas of interest include human body perception, embodiment, sensorimotor control and integration and dynamical systems approaches to cognition. I also work on the philosphy of cognitive science and epistemic constructivism/enactivism.