Dr. Marieke Rohde

Co-Founder and Chief Analytics Officer (CAO)
AFFS Affective Signals GmbH
c/o Freie Universität Berlin
Arnimallee 14 / Eingang Hechtgraben
14945 Berlin, Germany

Visiting researcher
Centre of Excellence: Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC)

Email: marieke_att_mariekerohde.com
(replace _att_ by @)

Since 2016, I am in charge of research and data analysis at AFFS - Affective Signals, a Berlin based startup company that I co-founded. We develop software to analyze computer-mediated human interaction and detect non-verbal signals, such as posture, movements, facial expressions, or intonation. Our e-learning solutions make these cues explicit to our users, so they can learn to better recognize and employ affective signals and communicate more effectively, for instance, in negotiations, in a therapeutic interactions, or when speaking publically.

Prior to co-founding Affective Signals, I worked for more than eleven years as an academic researcher in the area of multisensory perception and action and Cognitive Neuroscience. This page primarily summarizes my academic work. My experimental work includes studies on adaptation to visual feedback delays, time perception, haptics, motor learning, the sense of agency, and the feeling of body ownership. I also worked on Evolutionary Robotics, dynamical and embodied approaches to Cognitive Science and epistemic constructivism/enactivism. I remain affiliated to the Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) at Bielefeld University as visiting researcher.

Selected publications

  • Rohde, M. & Ernst, M.O. (2016) Time, agency, and sensory feedback delays during action. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences 8, 193-199.
  • Rohde, M., van Dam, L.C.J. & Ernst, M.O. (2015) Statistically Optimal Multisensory Cue Integration: A Practical Tutorial. Multisensory Research. DOI: 10.1163/22134808-00002510
  • Rohde, M., Scheller, M. & Ernst, M.O. (2014) Effects can precede their cause in the sense of agency. Neuropsychologia 65, 191196.
  • Rohde, M., van Dam, L.C.J., & Ernst, M.O. (2014) Predictability is necessary for closed-loop visual feedback delay adaptation. Journal of Vision 14(3), 4.
  • Rohde, M., Di Luca, M., & Ernst, M.O. (2011) The Rubber Hand Illusion: Feeling of Ownership and Proprioceptive Drift Do Not Go Hand in Hand. PLoS ONE, 6(6), e21659.
  • Di Paolo, E.A., Rohde, M., & De Jaegher, H. (2010) Horizons for the Enactive Mind: Values, Social Interaction, and Play. In: Stewart, J., Gapenne, O., & Di Paolo, E.A. (Eds.) Enaction: Towards a New Paradigm for Cognitive Science. MIT Press, Cambridge:MA, 33-88.
  • (full list of publications here)